Wine Barrel Rack Refurbishment Services

For the past 20 years, we have been nationwide leaders in the barrel rack industry. During our rise to the surface, Rack & Maintenance Source established a new and innovative way to re-furbish barrel racks, and to this day, we differentiate by providing a unique service with our wine barrel rack refurbishment services.

At Rack & Maintenance Source, we sell new, used, and refurbished barrel racks to a diverse clientele within the craft brewing market. We sell to wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries. While our clients often take advantage of our new product offerings, one service of ours that has only grown in popularity is our refurbishment service.

Drop ‘N Swap Refurbishment Program

Our wine barrel rack refurbishment services are exclusive to Rack & Maintenance Source and allow us to turn used barrel racks into racks that are in new, usable condition for an affordable price.

How It Works

Customers can inquire about our buyback program where they can trade in their used barrel racks for credit toward a new one. We will haul your used barrel racks from your facility and in return provide you with refurbished racks in excellent condition that can be used for years to come.

You’ll find that we have a large selection of different stacking options such as our 2- and 4-barrel platform structures to meet the individual needs of your facility. Our refurbished barrel racks are suitable for barrels of all sizes including up to 60 gallons of volume and the strong welds and high-quality steel material of these stackable racks make them ideal for your space saving needs.

To inquire about our wine barrel rack refurbishment services, contact us to get in touch. Our dedicated team members are always ready to assist you whether you’re inquiring about a new custom order, are looking to purchase an affordable used barrel rack, or are interested in our Drop ‘N Swap refurbishment program.