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Rack & Maintenance Source is the ultimate source for quality Oak Barrel Racks - Four Barrel, Two Barrel, Stack Racks, Barrel Washer Rack, Bottom Rack, Single Barrel Holders, Keg, Hogshead / Cognac, Reversible, Puncheon, and Custom Racks 

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New & Refurbished Wine Barrel Racks

Your source for new 4" and 7" two- and four-wine-barrel racks

Rack & Maintenance Source sells new & refurbished wine barrel racks to accommodate any barrel size. Our wine barrel racks for sale are sold for wine, beer, spirits, cider, and custom barrels. Order in the durable powder-coated color of your choice or the stainless steel rack to cradle your barrel. We design our racks for your 15, 30, or 60-gallon barrels. RMS also offers puncheon, keg, and stack racks.

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Your source for new, refurbished, and used wine barrel racks

If you want your old racks refurbished, let RMS renew them to their former glory - call us.  If you want us to take your older used racks you dislike and give you credit towards new rack purchases - call us. If you want fast, low cost, & quick shipping for your high-quality new & refurbished wine barrel racks—call us.

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Rack & Maintenance Source is your one-stop shop for all your barrel rack needs. We have made it easier than ever to shop for new, used, and refurbished barrel racks all at one convenient location.

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Everything starts somewhere. Our beginning was in a small shop more than 19 years ago, where we supplied local wine barrel racks. Explore how it all began.

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Determine for yourself if our products are right for you. We make our wine racks with the highest quality steel and ¼” flat bar, without exceptions.

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